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We possess over 15 years of experience in Finance, Accounting or Bookkeeping, Technology, Fintech, financial accounting, and Tax Preparation as the sole well-versed tax accountant and financial solution professional for revenue maximization and problem solving. We are all about results for a peace of mind for our clients.


Our CEO and Founder, Sam Singh is a graduate from Wharton University and UCLA and possess countless years of experience as a digital CFO and corporate CFO of global enterprises, as well as a tax consultant for firms such as Goldman Sachs, IASB, Google, IFRS, Interpol, and Department of Homeland Security.

We have done financials and accounting reporting for over 500 clients ranging from  individuals, public and private corporations, system architecture build for Fortune 20 tech firms, and white collar legal representation.

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Tax preparation, business management, financial reporting, legal compliance, and easy technology combined form the perfected solution. Choose The Accountant and have the most comprehensive global solution in accounting and finance with turnkey technology solutions and intimate specialized client care. 

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Business and Individual Services


Every situation requires a unique solution- let The Accountant provide you with the simplified solution, detailed metrics and guaranteed compliance with affordable costs, and technology in accounting, business management, and tax preparation today.

Over 32 businesses launched globally have forged the understanding of the nuances and leakage not seen through the average eye or archaic software.

Individual tax filing and services for over 10 years has forged my expertise.

Let us be the best expense for the increased revenue and tax compliance security you deserve. 

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Financial Technology Corporate Experience


System architecture services in Accounting, Business Management, and Tax Preparation partners:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • CVS Health
  • Wharton Technology
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • Reliance
  • Goldman Sachs

....and many more

Fintech Application DevOps experience of The Accountant is second to none- ranging from PayPal, SpaceX, Apple Pay, and BTC. 

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Intimate Solutions for Unique Situations


Tax preparation, accounting services, business management platform, simplified technology, and legal compliance are the focus of our solutions- regardless of scope of concern. 

Contact me and take the first step to security and revenue maximization curated for your individual needs and simplified for understanding.

The Accountant cares.

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Reduce Expenses

Guaranteed accounting and business management success is seen by finding revenue leakage, measure, and termination; tax preparation and legal solutions; maximized individual and business liability reduction within 60 days post partnership agreement or your money back. 

Generate Greater Revenue

Guaranteed accounting and business management for revenue generation and procurement; investment solutions; capital savings increased interest; and monetary gains solution for maximized capital growth in 30 days post partnership agreement or your money back. We are the most comprehensive tax preparation service now available.

Speed and Simplicity with Efficiency

Business management, accounting, and tax preparation CRM is what sets The Accountant apart-we guarantee success within 5 days of partnership agreement.

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